Embossed Primer Door 02

Embossed Primer Doors

Raaj Doors offers a wide variety of stylish Embossed Primer Coated Doors. They are hot vacuum pressed and chemically treated wood to make them dimensionally stable. These doors are embossed on flush doors, i.e., 8mm MDF will be embossed as per the design in the catalogue and quality putty is applied. After that, high-quality quality primer is evenly sprinkled on its surface. These primer doors are now ready to be painted in colors you want and are easy to maintain.



Available Sizes

Embossed Primer Door 05

EPD 101

Embossed Primer Door 04

EPD 102

Embossed Primer Door 03

EPD 103

Embossed Primer Door 02

EPD 104

Embossed Primer Door 01

EPD 105

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