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Grooving Teak Veneer Doors

Grooving Teak Veneers are attractive and elegant. These naturally durable teak veneer doors come in various designs and create a stunning impact on your home décor and interiors. Teak wood is generally seasoned and kiln dried as per the IS standard. Further bonded with phenol-formaldehyde resin and hot pressed at high temperature & pressure. It is processed on precision machines to keep the dimension & structure of the flush door stable and perfect. The grooving teak veneer doors are finally finished with high-quality polish.

Raaj Wood Veneer Doors are available in leading veneer patterns, custom shades, and patterns. They can be personalized based on the customer’s request.



Available Sizes

Grooving Teak Veneer Door_01

GTVD 101

Grooving Teak Veneer Door_02

GTVD 102

Grooving Teak Veneer Door_03

GTVD 103

Grooving Teak Veneer Door_04

GTVD 104

Grooving Teak Veneer Door_05

GTVD 105

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